Optical illusion: what struck you first? This test tells you more about your personality

Optical Illusion Viral Picture: People love optical illusions so much that they can spend hours solving them. Optical illusion images posted online go viral within minutes. The craze for solving questions among people is increasing enormously. Not only this, your personality test is also done with these optical illusion images. Your personality is hidden in your answer, which experts talk about. Let’s take a look at another view of optical illusion and tell us what first caught your eye.

What appeared in the photo with optical illusion?

Another trend we see today is that people like to hear from others about their personality, and take a personality test or solve a puzzle. Let us tell you that today’s photo is related to both optical illusion and personality test. Sounds good to hear? So are you ready? Let’s look at the picture.

Optical illusion

What was the first thing you noticed? Does the tail of two cats touch or is the head of a dog visible?

A dog or two cats?

If you first saw a dog’s head, you are a friendly, lively and outgoing person. You are not easily irritated by others. You are sweet and caring. If you first saw the tails of two cats mingling, then you are more knowledgeable and introverted. You are also open-minded and sensitive.

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